Someone Else's Shoes

Themes and Questions

  • Perspectives  and Creating Compassion

  • How do we see ourselves and how do we see other people? How do they see me?

  • Can we explore or change our perspectives through different lenses-the perspective of:

    • history

    • time

    • space

    • distance

    • geography

    • relationship

    • telling stories from different points of view?

  • What is it like to walk in someone else's shoes?

  • How can I help other people understand my own journey? What would it be like for them to walk in my shoes?



My name is Nozuko Mnyumbela.

I live in Malmesbury,

West Coast of Cape Town

South Africa.


I am a mother of a 13 year old

girl and the breadwinner of my

family. I work full time as a housekeeper and

I'm going to school to become a nurse.


I am a part of The Mama Project because it is my passion to involve myself with other women sharing different stories, uplifting each other, and restoring our dignity as women and female gender to be recognized as leaders, meaning we become a head not a tail.  


In future I dream The Mama Project will be recognized world wide as the Project that makes a huge change in our societies, as a Project that cares about the neglected woman.


To be determined, but will likely include...

  • portraits with photographer 

  • painting, drawing and collage making

  • shoe-inspired art projects

  • outings to historic, cultural and geographic sites to provide new perspectives

  • music and singing with songwriter and Artist-in-Residence Alutha Taho

  • stories, poems, and slam poems written in multiple languages

  • cooking and cultural perspective sharing about food

  • bookmaking

  • public workshops and final event


My name is Gladys Martins. 

I live in 7deLaan,

West Coast of Cape Town

South Africa.

I have two teenagers and I’m

a grandmother of one.  I work

once a week and am the provider of the household.  My daughter works part-time and is going to grade 12 again.


I’m part of the Mama Project because it gives me a lot of confidence.


It is nice to go out with the Mama Project because I live alone and enjoy the company.  The pictures we took during the project are now a piece of art in my home.


My dream is to stay in the Mama Project and fulfill whatever it is that life has for me.  It is a great joy for me to be with the Mama Project because I meet many people and communicate with them.


Will include:

  • Women's Day events in August 2019

  • Workshops and Outings

  • Book Making

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