Colorful Women:

Hold Your Head High

(Working Title)

Themes and Questions

  • Perspectives  and Creating Compassion

  • How do we see ourselves and how do we see other people? How do they see me?

  • Can we explore or change our perspectives through different lenses-the perspective of:

    • history

    • time

    • space

    • distance

    • geography

    • relationship

    • telling stories from different points of view?

  • What is it like to walk in someone else's shoes?

  • How can I help other people understand my own journey? What would it be like for them to walk in my shoes?




I'm Janine Saal, unmarried

with a son aged 23, and live

with my partner in 7deLaan.


I had no knowledge about

The Mama Project, had never

heard of it until i moved to 7deLaan

in May and joined the ladies group (HOSA) & there I was encouraged to join The Mama Project. I did to experience what got all the 7deLaan ladies so excited.


I would love to see participation from more women from all over the Cape Peninsula, as this project has the potential to unite women from all different races, social backgrounds, etc., unite and together we can do our bit to break barriers and unite and show the world what the women of Cape Town are capable of.


We are sisters and 

live in 7deLaan,

West Coast of Cape Town

South Africa.

To be determined, but will likely include...

  • portraits with photographer and Artist-in-Residence Anne Rearick

  • painting, drawing and collage making

  • shoe-inspired art projects

  • outings to historic, cultural and geographic sites to provide new perspectives

  • music and singing with songwriter and Artist-in-Residence Alutha Taho

  • stories, poems, and slam poems written in multiple languages

  • cooking and cultural perspective sharing about food

  • bookmaking

  • public workshops and final event


Will include:

  • Women's Day events in August 2019

  • Workshops and Outings

  • Book Making

Mailing List