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In our first in-person project since the pandemic began,

Draw the Circle Wide reunites women who have been creating together over 6 years from across Cape Town township communities, languages, religions and ethnicities, with a team of female artists from the US, including an Indigenous artist, an immigrant from Russia, and other women of different ages and artistic disciplines. 


This collaborative arts project will explore themes of loss, remembrance and grief, as well as hope, connection across difference, and new life after many challenging years for the Mama Project community and our broken world.  

Creative projects will include the creation of a memory wall, storytelling, singing, the making of prayer flags, artistic projects inspired by circles, an explosion of color through tye dye fabric activities, and cultural exchange around loss, intergenerational remembrance, food and community.  In our fractured world, The Mama Project helps to create understanding across difference and borders, weaving people, communities and hearts together.


Your gifts pay for local transportation, food, project materials and art supplies, South African staff support, wifi and electricity, team travel, photography, and filmed documentation during the project in January 2023.



  • Grief, remembrance, and celebration of life after a season of loss

  • Circles of life, community, through generations, in culture and traditions

  • Finding hope, joy and color in brokenness

  • Memory threads

  • Drawing the circle wide, inclusion, #NoOneStandsAlone

  • Understanding across boundaries, difference and borders

Creative Project Activities

  • Creation of a Living Memory Wall

  • Drawing, painting and weaving - circles and spirals

  • Photography and portraits

  • Intercultural Singing & Storytelling

  • Prayer Flags of remembrance, connection & celebration

  • Tye Dye color explosion

  • Community exhibit/ceremony/festivities

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