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Themes and Questions

In the context of the Cape Town water crisis and Day Zero scare of 2018, we explored our personal stories in relationship to water:

  • Our bodies are mostly water, housing our daily activities, memories, dreams, goals, stories and hopes.

  • We carry water--what else do we carry? Who helps you carry it?

  • How do your families, beliefs, traditions, cultures, communities and children work together in crisis?

  • When your reserves are depleted, how do you replenish them?  What do you conserve and share?

  • How are women strong and resilient during personal and actual droughts?  





My name is Ntombebandla

Rebecca Taho.  I live in Cape

Town in Khayelitsha Harare. 

I'm a mother of five children,  a supervisor at Sibongile Day and Night Care and a good singer. I have a good communication skills. I'm also a breadwinner at home and I'm a single parent.  I'm a Christian.  My dream is to run my own care Centre for children with disabilities one day. 

I'm a part of The Mama Project  because I found it lovely and interesting to  help women gain confidence in being who they are and in staying independent.  My part of The Mama Project is playing a role in  improving women's lives emotionally. 

In the future I dream The Mama Project will be widespread and change a large number of women's lives and be a very successful Project / Organization, and also be a motivation to people all over the world.



My name is Cynthia Good.


I live in Arlington, MA.


I am a mother, wife, pastor, spiritual director, storyteller, fiber artist, lover of music and theater.


I am part of The Mama Project because I love stories – listening to them, sharing them. I am a part of The Mama Project because I believe that when we connect our lives through our stories and our art, we create something bigger than ourselves, we begin to build a beloved community.


My favorite part of The Mama Project is laughter and dance and babies – connections.

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