Themes and Questions

  • What does color mean to us?

  • How do we reflect our culture, history, race and ethnicity through color?

  • Can our fabrics, clothes and garments help to tell our stories?

  • How do we wrap, cover, style and decorate our head and hair to express our personality, work and beliefs?
  • What makes us feel beautiful inside and out?  What makes us feel proud to hold our heads high?
  • What do we cover, and what do we uncover when we look at each other and at ourselves?
  •  What binds, connects and ties us together?
  • Can the women of The Mama Project come together to create a color explosion through art and creativity?


I'm Janine Saal, unmarried

with a son aged 23, and live

with my partner in 7deLaan.


I had no knowledge about

The Mama Project, had never

heard of it until i moved to 7deLaan

in May and joined the ladies group (HOSA) & there I was encouraged to join The Mama Project. I did to experience what got all the 7deLaan ladies so excited.


I would love to see participation from more women from all over the Cape Peninsula, as this project has the potential to unite women from all different races, social backgrounds, etc., unite and together we can do our bit to break barriers and unite and show the world what the women of Cape Town are capable of.


Colorful Women:

Hold Your Head High


Auntie Kathy

I’m Kathy from Standfontein.

I got involved in the Mama

Project because it teaches

me to stay focused and

respect others.  It means so much

to me because I meet people from different cultures.


The Mama Project has impacted the women in Strandfontein by creating a respect for one another and a closeness. My biggest dream is to never step back and to never give up. 

The potential I see is for the mamas to come together more often.

      Women of Color: Hold Your Head High Activities

  • Wearable Art with Artist-In-Residence Queen Allotey-Pappoe

  • Head Wrap & Scarf decoration & beading

  • Tye Dye creations

  • Storytelling & fabric poems

  • Original music by Artists-in-Residence Alutha Taho & Rebeka Rain

  • Dancing & movement

  • Mama's Kitchen cooking projects

  • Final Performance: Women of Color Runway & Performance

Mailing List