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Themes and Questions



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  • What does color mean to us?

  • How do we reflect our culture, history, race and ethnicity through color?

  • Can our fabrics, clothes and garments help to tell our stories?

  • How do we wrap, cover, style and decorate our head and hair to express our personality, work and beliefs?
  • What makes us feel beautiful inside and out?  What makes us feel proud to hold our heads high?
  • What do we cover, and what do we uncover when we look at each other and at ourselves?
  •  What binds, connects and ties us together?
  • Why is it important to express the strength, value and beauty of women in today's South Africa and broader world?
  • Can we make a statement against gender-based violence through our art and stories?  



Queen Allotey-Pappoe is the founder,

designer creative director at 

Queen Adeline, a sustainable

fashion design brand that

combines an African heritage

of vibrant colors, bold prints, and

patterns with a modern global

aesthetic to create clothing to

bring the wearer alive. She grew up in

Accra, Ghana, and her mission is to inspire confidence in people and to empower them to express their ultimate selves, whilst respecting and caring for the environment. She will be the Artist-in-Residence for The Mama Project in Cape Town 2020, helping the team to create wearable art and create a fashion show that celebrates culture and beauty, and makes a statement against gender-based violence.

Live Artfully! Go ahead, make a statement!



      STAND TALL Activities

  • Wearable Art with Artist-In-Residence Queen Allotey-Pappoe

  • Head Wrap & Scarf decoration & beading

  • Tye Dye creations

  • Storytelling & fabric poems

  • Dancing & movement

  • Mama's Kitchen cooking projects

  • Final Performance: Women of Color Runway & Performance

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