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Our Purpose


The Mama Project works with women from Cape Town townships in South Africa,

and female artists from Boston, inclusive of women from

other nationalities and under-resourced communities,

to create opportunities for women to meet, make

art, share culture, develop relationships, and

build confidence around what it means to be

a woman and a mother, so women can thrive.

Why Arts?

Art-making, creativity, storytelling, self-expression, and the sharing of cultures are

critical to the health of individuals, families, communities, and societies. 


Research shows that arts and creativity :​

  • lead to better health outcomes

  • help people recover from trauma

  • keep young people in school

  • teach critical skills

  • lead to academic and professional success

  • contribute to the economy

  • make communities safer

  • build understanding and relationships in powerful ways 


Why Mamas?

Women are a cornerstone of their families and communities.  Many women involved with The Mama Project  face challenges of extreme economic depression, poor education, drug use, racial divisions, and trauma, yet have limited access to creative activities, a lack of materials, and few outlets for self-expression.  The Mama Project invests in women who often feel invisible and provides opportunities to develop skills and confidence, build bridges, and thrive as individuals and leaders within and between their communities. 


Why Work Internationally?

The Mama Project chooses to work internationally for two reasons:


          While work in the developing world regularly includes medical, education, workforce                              development, religious and sports programs, it often does not value or include the arts as a

               primary strategy for change. The Mama Project adds this critical missing component to                             community development work, contributing to health and growth of both its                                               participants and the communities in which it happens.  The Mama Project models

                     what is possible when arts are valued in communities. 


                      Internationally, nationalism and divisions are intensifying.  As the United States                                        struggles with increased polarization, and South Africa struggles with reconciliation                         and the creation of a just nation post-Apartheid, The Mama Project  brings

           women together across boundaries to create possibility and build a more peaceful world.

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